Catlike Kompact'O Urban Helmet

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The Kompact'O Urban is ideal for city riding with its sleek design and removable visor The Kompact'O Urban comes out of extensive research into what makes a great urban helmet. Using the popular Kompact'O as a blueprint, the Urban edition has been designed to combine functionality with aesthetics. Choose from subtle brown and orange to compliament your outfit or fluoro yellow for extra visibility at night or in poor weather conditions. Both editions come with rear reflective stickers. The smart cloth visor provides protection from sun and rain and can be flipped up or down depending on the conditions or removed entirely thanks to the Velcro hitch system. The Kompact'O Urban uses LNP technology for added protection for the occipital area. The lower rear structure has been specifically designed to protect this fragile part of the head. The innovative retention system MPS (Multi-Position-System) allows you to optimize the comfort of the helmet thanks to its 4 points adjustment systems. The ultra-light wheel of the MPS-eVo allows you to adjust the diameter of the retention to the millimeter with every "click", achieving outstanding stability with maximum comfort. The ergonomic adjustment of this system provides outstanding stability by means of the side wings, which adjust to the temporal area of the scull. Furthermore, these wings adapt to all head shapes (oval, elipse, oblong), exchanging the different paddings of different thicknesses inside the helmet. It is recommended to remove these wings on round heads. This exclusive retention system also allows adjusting the vertical position of the retention, preventing any discomfort in the occipital area of the skull. The rear adjustment enables the movement of the two supports in order to achieve the ideal position, removing any pressure on the central part of the cervical vertebra.


Commuter: Yes
High Visibility: No
Road: Yes